10 SLOW Cars Peaple May THINK ARE FAST!

We live in a world in which were consistently being sold lifestyles, some companies want you to buy their sports drinks, others want to sell you their activewear, though neither cares if we live the way their ad suggests, the car world is no different, 90% of pickup trucks that you see on the road have nothing in their beds, nothing being towed and nobody in the back seats of their crew cab, not all hybrid drivers are as concerned with the environment as their green badges may imply, as a result, many car manufacturers will attempt to build a bold stylish design, but somewhere between the concept and production the car turns out to be surprisingly slow, these cars may look fast but their performance will leave you deeply disappointed, and here are the 10 slowest cars that look fast.

Toyota Celica

When the Toyota Celica was introduced it was advertised with the slogan quote looks fast, don’t be fooled by its looks though as this vehicle is one of the slowest cars on earth, the Celicas action package added a large wing body kit an updated front end, unfortunately, Toyota brought the looks but forgot the power, the base models 1.8 liter 4-cylinder engine produced a pitiful 140 horsepower, and the high-end GTS model added only 180 horsepower and 6-speed transmission, but it was impossible to modify, Bolton’s were expensive and the engine was unfriendly to boost due to a high compression ratio, so even if he wanted to make the slow car fast, the stock is where you’re stuck.

The Scion fr-s and the Subaru BRZ

Two of Japan’s titans in the automotive industry combine their know-how into what should have been an amazing interpretation of the legendary 2000 GT, instead, Toyota tried to build another Corolla Subaru ended up slapping some sense into the partner, and the twin cars hit the streets weighing just 27 hundred pounds, and offering some of the best steering and handling of anything below 100k but with the horsepower of an RX-8 and the torque of a 4-cylinder Grand Am, the FRS BRZ isn’t beating anybody.

Fisker Karma

This massive sporty sedan can glide on electric motors or use a combination of gas or electric for Best Performance, 0 to 60 takes five point eight seconds and it can complete a quarter-mile in 14.5, these numbers would be acceptable for a ten-year-old rxa, but the Karma’s deceiving supercar looks leave drivers expecting much, if it looked like a Chevy bolt everybody would marvel in its subpart numbers, instead since it looks like an edgy Tesla Model S, people expect the performance to match, the base Model S runs better numbers for half the price, and the p85d in ludicrous mode runs a crushing 2.8 seconds 0 to 60, and is a whole 4 seconds faster in the quarter-mile, all at the same price tag no under Fisker went bankrupt.

The Plymouth Prowler

The essence of speed, that’s what fires the imagination when viewing a Prowler, these 2c Roasters kicked off the retro craze and launched what could have brought Plymouth back to relevance, instead of inside the badass little coup Chrysler placed a 3.5 liter v6 that made it disappointing 214 horsepower, while the Prowler was fairly light coming in at just under 3,000 pounds, it’s look said 500 horsepower or more with at least Corvette performance, unfortunately, it was Corvette price with a v6 base model Camaro performance.

The Eclipse

Debuting 25 years ago the Eclipse was a definition of a poor man’s sports car, delivering a lot of turbo tart bang for the buck, the third generation Eclipse removed the turbos replacing them with a naturally aspirated 4-cylinder, producing a sad 147 horsepower, it also gains some weight and added a weird body design as a cherry on top, finally, the fourth-generation Eclipse added some fun with a 263 horsepower v6, but it also added the curb weight of a Mustang GT without the tour, not to mention that it was front-wheel drive, immediately disqualifying it as a legitimate sports car, so if you want a flashy card that will lose to a stock 15-year-old Mustang, the Eclipse should be number one on your list.

The Honda cr-z

A sporty-looking hatchback that desperately deserves some sort of powerful engine to appeal to enthusiasts but never got one, instead the CRC was sold with a hybrid 4-cylinder that made about 130 Horsepower, the result despite its looks its two-door design in a fairly low curb weight the cr-z did a 0 to 60 in nine seconds, and had a top speed of only 120 miles per hour, effectively the cr-z was a hybrid for people who wanted to look fast, people who wanted to go fast were out of luck.

The DeLorean

Know the list of fasiqun slow cars could be complete without the DeLorean, despite the car’s design which still looks pretty good today, and despite its famous movie performance were quickly reached 88 miles per hour and traveled through time the DeLorean was dog slow, it used a 2.8 liter v6 that made about 130 horsepower, which was weak for the period, and it’s zero to 60 time was in 8.8 seconds, which was slow for the period, it also didn’t help that Mamie DeLorean models use a three-speed automatic transmission, which further hampered performance.

The Chevy SSR

Retro was huge at the turn of the century, and Chevy decided it would be a great idea to debut a retro convertible truck at the Detroit Auto Show, unfortunately, that’s where the great ideas ended for production GM used a long wheelbase Chevy Trailblazer chassis and drivetrain, and what they ended up producing was a slug its roaster with only 300 horsepower and weight of massive 5,000 pounds, truly brilliant the cars 5.3-liter engine currently holds the slowest quarter-mile time at a pathetic 16 seconds, and that’s with Trek prep and an expert driver behind the wheel, embarrassed by this epic failure Chevy threw the 400 horsepower ls2 v8 into the cars later models, and while performance improved it still got left in the dust by everything at his price point.

The Toyota mr2

The redesign mr2 had questionable styling but excellent handling, weighing at just 2,200 pounds and a mid-sized mounted engine driving the rear wheels, this car seemed to be destined for success, sadly like the Celica, its fatal flaw proved to be its 1.8-liter inline four-cylinder engine, the cars poorly design exhaust also robbed it of a few horses, and it hit the street with a laugh 138 horsepower, even the later edition of a 6-speed manual couldn’t save it, as the Honda s2000 offered 100 more horsepower for a similar price, while it looks sporty and does take corners nicely you’ll be doing them at a very low speed.

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