Top 10 Most Expensive Police Cars In The World You Should know

Today in another article, We’re investigating the most costly vehicles on the planet, each nation spend a lot of cash on their police but these countries took it a step further if we were to approaches by individual cars, the United Arab Emirates would have dominated almost the entire list, so we’re going to look at this from a country perspective before we start we’re going to warn you this will escalate quickly.

10 – the United States | Dodge Charger police interceptor, price: $46,000

this is the pride of the United States, it’s become an iconic police car known all around the world.

9 – Australia | Lotus Exige, price: $84.300

they took a deal with the Lotus car company and both several cars for their fleet the coupling years ago, as far as we know, they’re pretty pleased with the acquisition.

8 – Austria | Porsche 911, price: $99.000

we love the Porsche 911 but we have one question, where will the prisoners hit once they capture him?

7 – Abu Dhabi | Nissan gt-r, price: $100,000

it’s for those times when you need to be quick.

6 – Qatar | Porsche Panamera, Price: $175.000

unlike Austria, basic announces they need extra room in case they need to paint someone, so they went for the more expensive Panamera model.

 5 – South Africa | Lamborghini Gallardo de price : $248.000

would you ever think the police’s have Africa would need Lamborghinis to catch Flynn offenders, they spend a quarter-million dollars each on several of them just to be safe.

4 – Italy | Lamborghini Gallardo, Price: $248.000

it kind of makes sense especially to have supercars and their police force especially considering their manufactured, they’re still it’s a pretty impressive thing to see.

3 – England | Lamborghini Murcielago, price: $380.000

we’ve never actually seen these around but we know they have, it they also have a Ferrari 620 Scaglietti, anna Lotus Exige at their disposal if they need it to.

2 – Germany | Mercedes-Benz Brabus cls, price: $580.000

in 2006, this class at the world record for the fastest saloon street-legal car zooming at 227 miles per hour, and ever since, the german police followed that model, they have their cars custom-built to make sure they can pull anything they might encounter.

1 – the United Arab Emirates | particularly Dubai-Bugatti Veyron, price: $2.5 million

that’s not even all of it, this year they’re buying the newer models of the Getty Chiron, there are already an incredible fleet of cars, if you’re in Dubai and look around for police cars, you’ll see half a million dollars adventures Mercedes Benz SLS, Bentley’s, MacLaren’s and even Aston Martin one-77 Etc, What a wonderful police car.

we’re curious to know what cars to police in your country usually drive and how much they spend on their cars? join the conversation and comment on your answer.

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