TOP 5 CHEAP Fast Cars Under $5,000 | Never heard it before

There’s a surprising variety out there when considering the best first cars for students under five K, on one hand, you have to use will cast a practical fuel-efficient suspect that will give you a hundred thousand miles of loyal service for your money, on the other, there are cars that were once too pricey to seriously consider, but are now so cheap you can’t afford to let them pass by right in the middle of the most appealing options, the ones that balance fun with utility-style with substance and overall reliability, luckily for you students and everybody else for that matter modern muscle has you covered, so here are the best first cars for students under 5k.

The 1990 Chevrolet Corvette C4

Corvette was made from 1984 in 1996, although students shoppers can find a 1995 or 1996 model for under 5k, we feel it’s best for buyers who look at the early 90s models to get the lowest mileage, when the vehicle gained popularity in the 1990s, Chevy so that the car produced a great performance, so it increased the price the vehicle resulting in a sales decline. these days students can buy this performance vehicle for less than $5,000 and should do so before the price increases.

The Infiniti G35

The G35 defines Infiniti much like the e30 m3 to find BMWs M division, it offered competitive luxury features and a stout drivetrain that took the flight to the established German competition, although the G 35 wasn’t a perfect drivers car it was a fun luxurious coupe with plenty of power the G 35 transcends the Infiniti brand, it’s a car every generation and mired in high school and although most of us were burdened by student loans, soon the g 35 s would be an inspirational classic we all pursue, the G 35 coupe is powered by Nissan’s Q V 35 DE 3.5 liter v6, although this engine lacked the smooth refined power delivery of its German rivals, this strong engine could handle far more abuse and produce respectable levels of power, when a debuted in 2002 the vq35de produced 280 horsepower and 270-pound feet of torque and g35 coupes equipped with the 6-speed manual transmission and for only $5,000 it was one of the best soundings, v6 s ever built.

2009 Scion TC

Student buyers who are adamant on spending five thousand dollars to get into a late 2000 model shit out for the 2009 Scion TC, the cars a great sports coupe alternative for that price range, considering that Toyota was the owner of the Scion brand, student customers can have the peace of mind knowing that they’re getting a vehicle that provides great quality and reliability. some of the best features in the vehicle include a 1600 watt pioneer sound system and a panoramic sunroof.

the Honda Civic Si

Not many tasks or as daunting as trying to pick the perfect new car particularly when you’re on a budget, that being said it’s not for a lack of choices rather the opposite, the market is oversaturated with options from almost every corner of the earth making it difficult for the average consumer to pinpoint the diamond in the rough, however, don’t give up just yet further still hope and it’s from the island of Japan, what exactly is that you may be asking well it’s the one right under everyone’s noses, the Honda Civic Si, the Civic Si is the most expensive of the model’s lineup, even then an eighth-generation model can now be found for under five thousand dollars which is nothing for what you get. ie an outstanding sports car everyone knows that the Honda Civic offers practical efficient reliable transportation for the masses, but many of them are generally fun to drive too that’s particularly true for the Honda Civic Si, every generation Civic Si is manual only and it’s a great car for learning how to drive stick 200 horsepower from a naturally aspirated four-cylinder in its eighth generation si keeps things fun too, the Honda Civic Si is the proverbial best of both worlds, you get the speed that you want to be combined with an economically / eco-friendly turbocharged four-cylinder that won’t break the bank.

The BMW 335i

You know exactly what the BMW 335 sedan is, it’s one of the best sports sedans on the market with the perfect balance of supple ride and superb handling and with a used model only going for 5k, it’s the perfect car for students. In 2011 BMW dropped the n54 twin-turbo tards 3 liters inline 6 and replaced it with the N 55 single turbo 3-liter engine, power remains the same 300 horsepower and 300-pound feet of torque, it’s fast smooth and extremely stable. the 2011 model is just as quick as its older twin-turbo cousin reaching 60 miles per hour in just 4.8 seconds, the quarter-mile despised by in thirteen point six seconds at 106 miles per hour. for years the competition has been chasing the BMW 3-series legendary dynamic package, the Infiniti g37 has come close making up more ground in value than in performance, but only the 2010 Audi s4 has been able to the throne that 335i in a comparison test, still the 335 is the quickest of his competition set when it comes to 60 miles per hour times, it provides an excellent experience behind the wheel and for only $5,000, the BMW 335i is one of the best cars a student can get.

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